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Crisis in Venezuela. a very important current affairs topic

The Venezuelan crisis has already been blamed for many important current affairs issues such as tenders, Admission Exams and AND OR, National High School Examination. So you should always be ready to answer a question about it.

In this way, so that you can prepare yourself, today’s article provides a complete summary of the crisis in Venezuela. Check it out

What was the crisis like in Venezuela?

The term “Crisis in Venezuela” is used to describe the economic, social and political phenomenon that began in Venezuela in 2013. affected various aspects of Venezuelan society and left drastic consequences.

Crisis in Venezuela. context

In 1998, Chávez was elected president of Venezuela. He became very popular due to the distribution of income in the country, reduction of poverty and child mortality, increase of the GDP of Venezuela. However, Chavez’s changes came at a price: the loss of democracy.

When Chavez died in 2013 Nicolas Maduro will take over the power. However, it is precisely because of the failure of the Chavista political project in his government that the crisis will begin.

Nicolás Maduro’s government

Nicolas Maduro’s dispute with his own party and the opposition would be one of the causes of the crisis in Venezuela. Venezuela’s opposition is responsible for accusations of abuse of power by the president. Moreover, the situation has been exacerbated by the economic and humanitarian crisis facing the country, with the threat of US intervention.

Crisis in Venezuela. the role of oil

The crisis in Venezuela is related to the devaluation of oil, which has occurred since 2013.

Oil has been the main source of Venezuela’s wealth since the beginning of the 20th century. However, the problem with this situation is that the country is too dependent on oil, which has forced Venezuela to not invest in its own industry and agricultural system. Thus, when the crisis hit in 2013, it deeply affected the Venezuelan economy. That year, the price of a barrel of oil dropped significantly, directly affecting the Venezuelan economy and triggering an economic and humanitarian crisis.

Crisis in Venezuela. news

It should be noted that the crisis in Venezuela is still very relevant because this crisis has not been resolved. As a result, the country remains in a state of public disaster to this day, and hundreds of Venezuelans are leaving the country in search of better living conditions.

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