Energético Fusion releases music with MC Don Juan

Betting on the trend of songs that become hits in the summer, Fusion, Ambe’s energy drink brand, begins its repositioning strategy to be recognized in a more accessible and democratic way. In collaboration with MC Don Juan, the song “Modo Fusion” was released on December 2; and in less than a month it has more than 100,000 plays on one of the main streaming platforms in the country.

Owner of hits like “Amar, Amei” and “Bipolar”, MC Don Juan has a natural talent for creating songs that stick in people’s minds. Fusion Mode would be no different. Bursting with DJ Perera’s beats, the song rises in the chorus with a heavy beat and invites the whole party to enjoy.

Funk was the universe chosen by the brand, as it conveys the occasion of consumption where the public usually shares a drink in a group. To enter the segment, the brand brought with it MC Don Juan – a name that has 9 million listeners on streaming platforms and has 10 million followers on Instagram.

Juliana Junqueira, Head of Marketing at Ambev/Fusion, says:

“The entry of a brand into a segment that has not yet been thought of is a big challenge. We needed a name that would give that seal and that would really contribute to an assertive strategy.”

The launch of “Modo Fusion” is part of a series of activations the brand is promoting for the “Fusion: Energy of the Whole Troop” campaign – which includes not only a partnership with MC Don Juan – but also the participation of Afroreggae on multiple fronts.

In the words of Juliana Junqueira: “Fusion wants to be a source of energy for those who live real life, and in real life there is struggle, rush, but also enjoyment. Regardless of the moment, Fusion provides the ideal energy that the target needs”.

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