Epic Games Store Christmas Sale 2022

Thirteenth day of the Epic Games Store Christmas giveaway, the thirteenth free game up for grabs. Unfortunate accumulation? Not necessary.

Severed Steel for free in the Epic Games Store

Although the Epic Games Store Christmas sale is in full swing, the free games accompanying this event are slowly coming to an end. The list so far includes Bloons TD 6, Horizon Chase Turbo, Costume Quest 2, Sable, Them’s Fightin’ Herds, Wolfenstein: The New Order, LEGO Builder’s Journey, Fallout Classic Collection set, Encased, Metro: Last Light Redux, Death Stranding and FIST : Shadow Forged Torch. What today?

The suggestions circulating on the Internet turned out to be correct. It turns out to be another gift Cut steel. The game can assign it to your account by tomorrow at 17:00 Polish time.

Cut steel. What game is this?

We are certainly not talking about old production here, prime minister Severed Steel took place in September 2021. This is a very dynamic FPS in which the player has the opportunity to manage the actions of a one-armed heroine named Steel.

The action here is really fast, and the spectacularity is enhanced by the system of stunts that the creators used (running on walls, somersaults and slides are the norm here), destructive environment and bullet-time effect. In addition, due to the lack of reloadable weapons, you not only have to choose your targets carefully, but also pull the guns ready to fire from the hands of dead enemies.

Severed Steel is a single-player game that only offers a campaign. However, an added flavor for some may be the level editor, which allows you to prepare your own locations and possibly share them with members of the Severed Steel community.

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