"Epoka e re" in Schalke from June 12English 

“Epoka e re” in Schalke from June 12

The launch will take place at the June 12 general meeting at the Veltins Arena. Schalke is offering a new service – if you will, the beginning of a “new era”.

Great prospects: Knappenkarte is no longer the only means of payment at the Veltins Arena – other common money-free options like EC or credit cards will also be accepted from 12 June. © Tim Rehbein / RHR-PHOTO

Sometimes it was an annoyance: Visitors to the Veltins Arena who did not have a Knappen card or did not charge it and did not feel like a tedious charge were virtually barred from making payments. No beer, no sausage, no chips – a sad existence. Schalke is now objecting to this.

Pay for beer with EC card

While Knappenkarte was the only means of payment in the arena for more than 20 years, the portfolio is now expanding, so one can certainly speak of a “new era”, even “only” in the field of service: the payment system. the general meeting is held at the Veltins Arena supplemented by the usual methods of cashless payment.

From June 12, bratwurst, beer and all other products can be paid without contact directly at the kiosk with an EC, debit or credit card (including mobile payment – ApplePay, GooglePay).

Knappenkarte stands

Knappenkarte remains an accepted means of payment. For faster processing, charging via the S04 app is recommended. At the beginning of the new 2022/2023 season, it will be possible in S04 application to use PayPal to top up Knappenkarte in addition to giropay, credit or debit cards.

Double queue (ie once for charging, once for the order itself) should be eliminated. From this point of view, the season can start for Schalken …

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