ERC and Bildu are asking for the freezing of mortgages at the levels before the interest rate increase

Esquerra Republicana and EH-Bild were presented by a amendment along with the draft 2023 general state budgets for a year-round freeze variable rate mortgages less than EUR 360,000 to the levels before the rate increase, i.e. subject to interest rate effective September 1, 2022 and prevent any increase during 2023.

This is not the only common request of these formations to solve the problem price crisis in the budgets, since they are also asking for the continuation of the extraordinary and mandatory extension of the lease of permanent residence. The amendment also considers the possibility request a temporary residence and outstanding in the payment of rent throughout the year when the owner is a business or public entity or a big fork.

In addition, the ERC presented another amendment to the 2023 general state budget in Congress. allocate 1,000 million euros to the creation of a local fund to cover energy bills for local entities. In their amendments they claimed that hydropower plants are public and they do not obey the results of large power companies. The partial amendment explains that a extraordinary loan which will aim to provide them with more funding to cover the additional cost of energy bills that will appear in 2023, which will be distributed over in 2023 and 2024in accordance with the distribution criteria agreed for this purpose.

The formation for independence clarified that amounts received by local entities charged with said credit must be used “exclusively” to finance additional costs power supply which corresponds to electricity, gas and fossil fuels. Consolidation allocation criteria will take place during the first quarter of 2023, according to Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.

Public hydrographic concessions

Esquerra also suggested a modification State law on water that concessions for hydropower plants be public. Specifically, he claimed that hydrographic confederation they can grant concessions directly, if the municipalities or local and regional units in which they are established consider it so territorialthose concessions for hydropower plants that are returned based on the conditions prescribed by law.

The ERC argued that water use, such as a public good“it should be at the service of the people, not at the service of the profit and loss accounts of the big power companies”, especially considering the current context “unsustainable energy prices”. He also reminded that recent court rulings decided that hydraulic farms for the production of electricity cannot exceed 75 years. In this sense, it demanded that the concession be given to the Generalitat upon expiry.

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