Eskom nears record for worst year for load shedding in next 6 monthsWorld News 

Eskom nears record for worst year for load shedding in next 6 months

Only halfway through the year, the country has already reached its worst load shedding in history.

Entering Phase 6 in its second week, Eskom is using almost the same amount of electricity as all of last year, News24 reported.

ESKOM nears annual load shedding

South Africans are already out of power, and last week, Eskom chief executive Andre Druits announced that there was more darkness to come.

Phase 6 was announced. At first, the cuts were planned to last only two days, but it was later announced that Phase 6 would be implemented in the evenings throughout the week, and Phase 4 would be implemented in the morning and again this week.

According to Bloomberg, in April 2022 alone, 1,054 GWh has already been cut, and 2,521 GWh has been cut for all of 2021.

As of July 1, the power company has cut 2,276 GWh of power in 2022, News24 reported. This means that on July 1, Eskom was only 245 GWh away from last year’s record.

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Did the strike make things worse?

Last week, workers at Eskom dropped tools and went on what was reported to be an illegal strike because they were deemed essential workers and should not be on strike.

This means that power companies are now dealing with a lack of skills and labor. However, in an interview with The Sunday Times, Eskom said older stations were breaking down more frequently than before. The giant power company said the situation was so bad it had become impossible for the company to make the necessary upgrades and renovations to keep the lights on.

According to the outlet, half of Eskom’s power stations failed again within nine months of being repaired, and some of the worst-performing stations were offline 50 to 70 percent of the time.

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