Eskom office taken over by disgruntled residentsWorld News 

Eskom office taken over by disgruntled residents

Residents of the village of Krugers Dopsey, west of Johannesburg, staged what they called a “sit-in” protest at Eskom’s office after failing to recover.

Neighborhoods plunged into darkness following alleged theft of cables in the area. The outage began on Sunday, June 26, according to Krugersdorp News.

The lack of urgency to resolve the crisis has led some to sit in while others burn tires.

One resident, Jabulani Mahlangu, took to Facebook to vent about the crisis.

ESKOM crisis explained in the West Village

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“As West Village residents, we are suffering from crimes including the theft of cables by Zama Zama. We are disappointed by SAPS Krugersdorp as there were reports on Tuesday that cables were stolen and they were nowhere to be found.
Last night, there was a serious shootout in another cable theft. Our lives are at risk, but we pay our taxes,” he said.

“We should also be protected, can the MEC step in? As a civil servant, it is my responsibility to convince community members not to block roads and damage infrastructure when protesting, but we are ultimately responsible because our so-called government doesn’t respond, ‘ he lashed out.

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