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Emily in Paris Season 3 just came out, but we’re already looking forward to the fourth installment of the Netflix series. Season 3 gave us exactly what we were hoping for: relationship turmoil, office drama, and over-the-top fashion, all with the humor we love. And it’s hard to think we might have to wait another year for the next chapter in Emily Cooper’s (Lily Collins) Parisian adventures.

The beginning of season 3 focuses mainly on Emily’s work life, with numerous trips back and forth from one office to another, which will eventually leave her without a job. After Savoir’s parent company goes out of business in France, Emily’s boss, Madeline (Kate Walsh), returns home to Chicago, while Emily chooses to stay in Paris, eventually returning to work at the new company of Sylvie (Philippine Liroy-Bulio).

On the relationship front, things were going great for Emily and her boyfriend Alfie (Lucien Laviscomte), while there were problems between Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Camille (Camille Razat) (the latter having a secret affair!). But the chef and his longtime artist girlfriend end up getting engaged, but the wedding ceremony goes horribly awry, with Gabriel realizing that Emily has made a pact never to date him again out of respect for Camille. This news also ended the relationship between Alfie and Emily, and the season ended with Gabrielle revealing that the reason for the engagement was because Camille was pregnant.

ugh! That’s a lot to digest, but we’ll have plenty of time to digest it before another season returns. In the meantime, here’s everything we know about the sequel Emily in Paris Season 4.

Emily in Paris Season 4 Breaking News

Netflix has renewed Emily in Paris for seasons 3 and 4 in early 2022, so we’re promised another season. But right now we still don’t know if there will be seasons after that.

Emily in Paris Plot of season 4

Based on our predictions for the events that unfolded in Season 3, Emily and Gabriel will be single again, meaning we could potentially see Netflix reunite the two star-crossed lovers in a new, typical love affair. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Camille will have to navigate this new concept of having a baby without being in a relationship. Mindy (Ashley Park) and her ex-boyfriend were accepted into the Eurovision Song Contest, so we can probably count on that as a plot point as well. Back at work, we saw Emily’s co-worker Julien (Samuel Arnold) being set up for a well-deserved character arc with some smoldering bad blood about how Emily keeps screwing up her encounters with the main character’s energy. Maybe he’ll turn all Nate the Great against Emily and come back as his nemesis ala Ted Lassowith a new haircut? !

Emily in Paris Season 4 Release Date

Netflix has not yet announced a release date for season 4. The first season premiered in October 2020, with the second and third seasons arriving in December of the following years. Given this model, Netflix may choose to release the fourth installment around Christmas 2023.

Emily in Paris Season 4 spoilers

We spoke to Darren Starr, the creator ofEmily in Paris, on season finale to get insight into Camille’s pregnancy for the upcoming season 4. You can read the full interview here.

Emily and Gabriel are not in a relationship, even though they are technically single now. “I don’t know if Gabriel is the best person to start a relationship with Emily,” Starr explained. “I’m not sure Emily wants a relationship with Gabriel under the circumstances. »

Alfie isn’t completely out of the game yet, which makes things really messy in Season 4.. “Season 4 will be more about navigating complex relationships; personal relationships and work relationships and how they conflict with each other,” Starr said. “Emily will always work with Alfie, Gabriel and Camille. This working relationship will indeed be full of emotional conflict. »

It has not been decided who Emily will settle with. “There are other chapters before we get to that,” Starr said when asked if he knew who Emily would end up with at the end. “I don’t have an exact idea right now. » Shocking!

Emily in Paris Season 4 Cast

All Usual will most likely return for season 4. Potential characters who may not return include Kate Walsh as Madeline Wheeler and Lucien Laviscomte as Alfie, as we know he broke up with Emily in the series finale. We will have to wait and see whether these two will appear in the new season or not.

The main cast

  • Lily Collins like Emily
  • Ashley Park like Mindy
  • Lucas Bravo like Gabriel
  • Kamil Razat like Camilla
  • Filipino Leroy Beaulieu like Sylvia
  • Samuel Arnold like Julian
  • Bruno Guerri like Luke

where to look Emily in Paris

Seasons 1-3 of Emily in Paris are available to stream on Netflix.

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