Superfaturamento de água mineral para o Interior do AM ocorreu durante governo-tampão de AmazoninoEnglish 

Excessive price of mineral water for the interior of the AM occurred during the government of the Amazon buffer – Portal CM7 – Notícias de Manaus and Amazonas

Written by Henrique June 30, 2022 at 20:58 | Updated June 30, 2022 at 9:04 p.m.

Amazonas – The supervisor of the Union’s Comptroller General (CGU), Ulysses Mendonça, reported on how a criminal scheme that fooled the bidding process of Funas, the target of the Enxurrad Federal Police operation launched today in Manaus, worked.

Ulysses says that the contract provided for the supply of mineral water to the Amazon municipalities affected by the floods in 2017, and that the total amount was paid 4,999,991.55 BRL. That year was marked by an extraordinary election in which Amazonino took the place of tampon governor, at the time by the PDT, following the removal of former Amazon governor José Mel and former vice governor Henrique Oliveira.

Overpriced by at least 2 million

Several irregularities were identified in the proceedings, including an overestimated amount of almost R $ 2 million and the participation of companies belonging to the same family.

“Funasa adhered to the pricing system established by the Ministry of Integration, the winning bidder was from here in Manaus, and the primary unit cost of water was R $ 9.69 per gallon. It turns out that in order to drive, you have to show the advantages of the act, the measures and in that sense Funasa cheated the driving process and the calculations he presented ”.

Gallon comes out in 15 stories

Eduardo points out that these calculations were supposed to be made in companies in Manaus, but Funasa used budgets produced together with companies in Amapa, Goiás and the Federal District. All were overpriced, on average, by 14 R $ or 15 R $ per gallon, while here in Manaus these gallons cost roughly R $ 5, R $ 6, and then a price of 60% was discovered too high compared to the price of 9 R $. .69 ”.

The mayor points out that although the initial loss was calculated at R $ 2 million, it could be much higher as there is a suspicion that water has not been delivered.

“It could generate a loss of R $ 5 million, as there are also indications that these nearly 16,000 gallons of water were not delivered by this company here in Manaus.”

favorite family

As for the companies involved in the scam, Ulysses draws attention to the fact that some of them had the same address, they were owned by the same family.

“All of these companies that have made offers have family ties, some have the same address and even have a wine shop in the process,” he says.

era scissors

The year 2017 was also marked by the recall of Dilma Rousseff (PT), who was later taken over by her deputy Michel Temer. At the time, FUNASOM was commanded by Rodrigo Sérgio Dias, whom Temer later appointed in Anvis. Rodrigo has been president of Funase since April 2017, when he was appointed to the post by a designation of the bloc then formed by the parties Podemos (then PTN), Avante (then PTdoB) and PSL.

A report by the Federal Court of Auditors (TCU) highlights attorney Rodrigo Sérgio Dias, then president of the National Health Foundation (Funasa), among those responsible for the irregularities, which caused a loss of R $ 7.7 million for the entity. He was even temporarily arrested in 2020, during a federal police operation that investigated a bribery scheme from the social organization Pró-Saúde in Goiás.

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