Exclusive: Brothers killed in ch4cina on AM-010 had a passage for drug trafficking

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Manaus – The case of the massacre that took place at the Águas Claras junction, where four people were executed in a car, presents new information that could contribute to the investigation.

The two victims who were found dead were identified as Lilian Daiane Máximo Gemaque and Diego Máximo Gemaque, who were brothers and had already been arrested for drug trafficking in different cases.

The unraveling may help to piece together the puzzle of what could have happened in the early morning hours of Tuesday (21) to Wednesday, after the police approached the brothers with a couple of friends, Valéria Luciana and Alexandre do Nascimento Melo, who was the son of a military policeman.

Crime scene

The balaclavas (black masks) that the killers left on the heads of two of the four victims, along with the missiles used in the execution at the Águas Claras junction, AM-010 highway, may be key pieces to unraveling the crime.

The balaclava is usually a frequently used accessory both by members of organized crime factions and by militias who want to hide their identity during illegal activities. Two balaclavas covered the heads of Alexandre do Nascimento and his wife Valéria Luciana Pacheco.

The Scientific and Technical Police Department (DPTC) is already conducting forensic analyzes to identify any DNA trace of criminals that can be used as evidence to contribute to investigations. Another material that will also be taken into account is the caliber of projectiles found at the crime scene, which will show which weapon was used in the crime.

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Exclusive: Brothers killed in ch4cina on AM-010 had a passage for drug trafficking

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