Exclusive CNN. US official says Russia is “burning” its high-tech weapons in Ukraine

THE: Russia It is desperately seeking ways around Western sanctions to build up its armed forces, a US official said in an exclusive interview. CNN: this Friday (14). Meanwhile, Russia’s stockpile of advanced weapons is rapidly dwindling in Ukraine, and it cannot guarantee replacement parts.

This is what Kevin Liptaki, US Treasury Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo, said. CNN::

The shortcomings of Russian technology force Moscow to make decisions on the battlefield. they don’t have the semiconductors they need to launch precision missiles in Ukraine.”

Western sanctions have exacerbated problems for the troubled Russian military. Their tanks and other materials are running out.” Western sanctions and export controls “make it difficult for them to build up troops and get the things they need,” he added.

Moscow uses proxy companies and Russian elites to try to avoid sanctions, but China is not very helpful. “China cannot provide Russia with what China does not have. And China does not produce the most advanced semiconductors. They are produced by our allies and partners. So Russia is looking for these things. The reason they use their intelligence services and their bombing companies to try to get them is because the countries they would naturally turn to don’t have them.”


THE: CNN: Western sanctions have sharply reduced Russia’s ability to supply munitions used in Ukraine, according to a new analysis by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Details of the analysis were presented on Friday with financial officials from nearly 30 countries meeting at the Treasury Department to update Adeyemo, among other US officials.

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