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Expand your business with the new issue of Digital Photographer Polska

The new issue of DPP contains lots of inspiring advice and tips to help you improve your work, save time and skillfully navigate the waves of an ever-changing market. You can buy the latest edition for less in advance

In winter, we may take less photos, but that doesn’t mean we don’t invest in developing ourselves and our photography business. For this reason, we decided to focus mainly on the professional side of the Photographer’s activities in this issue of Digital Photographer magazine.

So on the following pages you’ll find lots of inspiring tips and tricks to streamline your workflow or design it well if you’re just starting out. We recommend which tools to include in it to make work more efficient and save time (and leave more time for the family).

Together with professional photographers, we think about how to adapt to rapidly changing market demands, how to cut unnecessary costs and how to earn your photography skills more efficiently!

New publication at a low price for pre-order

You can buy the latest issue of Digital Photographer Polska until Wednesday, March 15, at a cheaper price in advance on the website. You can also check the latest issue online before buying.

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