Experts explain the connection between social networks and mental health

actor Tom Holland released last Saturday (August 13), a video explaining to fans that he would be leaving social media to take care of mental health. Recent studies and experts explain that Internet consumption can negatively affect emotional stability and generate more serious psychological cases.

Specialist psychologist at the Children’s Psychoanalytic Clinic at Holistic Psychiatry, Alice Munguba, explains how social media can affect mental health. “This way of emotionally structuring the self through the virtual path can be a dangerous path when the image begins to be guided by what it sees. Teenagers who spend sleepless nights looking at other people’s profiles, wondering why someone else’s life is better, perfect and theirs is not. The more insecure a person is, the more he wants to idealize himself.“, it is said.

Social networks x cancellation

The attitude of the star for absence in social networks [vídeo logo abaixo], was supported by several celebrities including singer Justin Bieber. In Brazil, the singer Luiza Sonza had a lot of comments about her case of disappearing from social networks because of the cancellation that people were doing with her.

Holistic Bipolar Disorder Center Coordinator André Doria talks about the cancellation culture. “Psychoanalysis has already taught us that, many times, we have to choose an imaginary master in order to destroy the relationship with him. There is a perverse form of pleasure in this movement: when what I choose as a reference does not satisfy my projections, I eliminate it. cancel. Since social networks are an abundance of idols for all ideals, they also bring an abundance of the opposite effect: hatred for the frustrated ideal.“, he explains.

When the perfect world is imagined, people seek perfection and, according to the psychologist, therein lies the problem, this identifying relationship is quite fragile. “When you decide to follow a celebrity who champions a particular cause, for example, the follower relationship is one of representation: that celebrity represents me. An action, a word, a gesture, outside of what the followers expect and that escapes the feature that identifies them with the celebrity, transforms the feeling of admiration into hatred. Herein lies the fragility of these identifications: they only hold when the other reflects what I think, my point of view.“, explains Doria.

Alice adds:It is an advent of our modernity that emotionally affects the way they see themselves, or shows how they can depend on likes and even self-image, tying their importance to what the other likes.”, emphasizes psychology.

Professionals warn that it is necessary to assess whether the use of the Internet has turned into an addiction, so as not to look for something that is not real. “Perhaps there is a clue to guide us: when we lose the ability to choose, we find ourselves hostage to compulsive use.“, concludes Doria.

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