EXTRAORDINARY VALUE up to BRL 1000 from CAIXA is still available. see how to claim and redeem

Who can withdraw up to BRL 1000? FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) You can still claim the values. The extra pay helps thousands of workers pay off their debts.

Agreed Federal Govt, repayment can be made until December 15 of this year. After the specified period, the amounts that were entered into m has a box will return duly corrected FGTS bills.

Withdrawal of R$ 1 thousand from FGTS

At the beginning of this year, an emergency procedure for the withdrawal of the Guarantee Fund was issued. According to the data of the Ministry of Labor, more than 40 million workers can perform rescue operations.

However, in Federal Savings Bank reports that 12 million people have yet to withdraw their FGTS money. In this way, it is still possible to carry out the repayment through the modality. About R$8 billion is still available.

In particular, the withdrawal is available to all people who have balances in their accounts linked to FGTS. Remembering that although the employee has a higher value, the authorized repayment is only 1 thousand rials.

How to withdraw BRL 1000 from FGTS?

Before anything else, you’ll need to request the values. An emergency withdrawal request must be made through the FGTS app or website. After completing the procedure, the employee must wait up to 15 working days for the funds to appear in Caixa Tem’s digital savings.

See step by step.

  1. Access the FGTS app, available for Android and iOS;
  2. Log in with the required data;
  3. On the main page, click on “Emergency withdrawal” and check the available amount.
  4. Select “Request Withdrawal” and inform the account where the money should be transferred.
  5. Confirm by informing the application password;
  6. Wait for the money to be transferred to your account.

As for payments, with the Caixa digital wallet, citizens can pay bills and bank receipts, make online purchases with their virtual debit card, top up mobile phones, make transfers, including via Pix, and pay for car purchases with a QR code for:

How to transfer an emergency withdrawal through Pix do Caixa Tem

  1. Open the Caixa Tem application on your mobile phone;
  2. Login with your CPF and password;
  3. Click “I’m not a robot” and click “Continue”;
  4. Click on “Pix | Send and withdraw”;
  5. In the next tab, select the option you want to transfer via Pix (Pix key, QR code, Pix copy and paste or bank data);
  6. Select the type of Pix key and click “Continue”;
  7. Enter the selected key and click “Continue” again;
  8. If you want, enter your payment description;
  9. Then click “Continue”;
  10. On the next page, enter the transfer amount and click “Continue”;
  11. Once this is done, enter the payment date “Today” if you want the transfer to be instant.
  12. Click continue and check the transaction information;
  13. Click “make payment” if everything is OK.
  14. Finally, re-enter your password and click the arrow next to the password;
  15. “Payment complete” message. will appear;
  16. If you want to see the receipt, click “View Receipt”.
  17. Ready. The operation is over.

Remembering that loot is optional for the employee. Therefore, it will be up to him whether to join the new modality or not. If you do not want to repay the money, you can inform Caixa through digital channels until November 10.

See what success is on the Internet.

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