Faber-Castell plays with reality in the campaign

December 20, 2022 – 4:19 p.m

Faber-Castell suggests thinking about works to promote the SuperSoft line (Credit: Disclosure)

Faber-Castell presents the “Photo or Drawing” campaign, which presents the SuperSoft line of colored pencils. The initiative brought influencer João Quirino to the streets with artworks and photographs created by guest artists, with names such as Pedro Lopes, Jader Ferreira, Will Costa, Sâmia Escorcio and Gustavo Assarian, encouraging people to find out if the image is about photography or drawing .


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Created by David, the campaign focuses on reinforcing the experience of the line over top performance. Acts bring gamification of communication as a fundamental part. Faber-Castell will do this through its social networks, with pieces in a quiz format and a website where consumers can continue to play.

The campaign is also present in out-of-home media, with drawings displayed at bus stops and in the subway. Watch the ad:

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