Facebook and Instagram crash! WhatsApp also has problems

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp all fail. Thousands of users have been cut off from viewing profiles on social media platforms and using instant messages.

Facebook and Instagram are down

Reports of Facebook and Instagram crashes are multiplying. No news is displayed on Facebook, it is not possible to manage a profile or comment on open posts. Photo grids don’t load on Instagram, and neither do individual videos in stories.

I saw such a message on the Facebook page (photo: Tabletowo)

A wave of requests is flowing through the website More irritated users – from all regions of the country, inform about the difficulties in entering the sites. The number of reports is already in the thousands (at the time of publishing the news – over 11,000).

Facebook is not only in Poland. The above screenshot is not so much for Facebook users global. It also seems that all of Mark Zuckerberg’s platforms have huge problems. WhatsApp has joined the affected appsand Messenger – although in the case of instant messages the scale of difficulty is obviously less.

The failure continues!

It is not known when the full functionality of the platforms will be restored. Usually these types of meltdowns don’t last long, but tonight you need to switch to other forms of contact with your friends. Twitter, although taken over by Elon Musk, at least it works! 😉

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