Facebook doesn’t work. Instagram and Messenger crash. What to do?

This is another recent failure of Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. When will it be repaired and what is the reason?

2022 is not very kind to Mark Zuckerberg. Meta’s stake is melting, and recently Facebook and other applications of its family suffered various glitches, such as the massive Facebook crash in early October.

However, social media has this quality that you can quickly find out when something is not working as it should. When I wanted to send a message through the Messenger application around 9:45 p.m., I had no such opportunity. Instagram only showed a few photos from a few hours ago and Facebook also looked like it had no internet access.

Sometimes such a situation can be individual and related, for example, to the lack of application updates or a problem with network coverage. Checking the website it is easy to see that the problems were reported by users from 21:15.

The problem affects all pages belonging to Meta, i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.




When is the end of Facebook, Messenger and Instagram crashes?

Currently, only the number of reports from users complaining about problems with these applications is growing. Official Twitter accounts are silent, but if the problem persists, we will most likely receive an official message.

When will failure end? It’s hard to say at the moment, most of the time such issues are fixed after a few hours, but in the event of a severe, global outage, we can disconnect from our favorite social media for a little longer.

Do these applications work for you? Let me know in the comment!

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