Facebook introduction to the new age verification method

Although dating on Facebook can only be used by adult users, teenagers also try to make new friends on the portal. Meta plans to end this type of practice.

New Age verification methods for Facebook meetings

Facebook Dating has been operating in Poland since 2020. Dating on FB is not the most popular method of making new friends in Poland, unlike Tinder (or other dating sites), but this feature certainly has its fans. According to the regulations, the portal can only be used by users over 18 years of age, but apparently even younger people like Facebook dating (and change their age information). As such, Meta plans to make some changes, ie new methods of verifying the user’s age.

We strive to ensure that users who use our technologies have an age-appropriate experience, and as part of this work we have tested age verification tools and used age-detection technology to prevent people under 18 from accessing adult content.

Age will be verified using two methods

The age verification test is now available in the US and is likely to expand to other countries. There are two methods – one of them is this short video using the smartphone’s front camera. The recorded material will then be subjected to a special analysis. Thanks to the cooperation with the company Yoti, still frames will be extracted from the video and scanned, which will help in recognizing the user’s age. Another method is sending a photo of your identity card.

Meta has already started testing new age verification tools on Instagram and emphasizes that they are effective:

We managed to stop 96% of teenagers who tried to edit their age on Instagram from being over 18. We found that 81% of people who were shown our options menu chose to use a Yoti video selfie to verify their age.


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