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Facebook Papers whistleblower says Brazil is not a priority for the network in its fight against fake news

Reproduction – October 5, 2021

Data scientist and former Facebook manager who It went public late last year to condemn the social network for conflict of interest issues, Francis Haugen (Photo) announced that Brazil is not a priority for the social network in the fight against fake news, despite this year’s elections.

“I guarantee that there is much less protection in Brazil against attempts to interfere in elections than in the United States.”said Haugen in an interview with Folha published on Sunday (3).

He also commented on the ineffectiveness of Facebook’s special verification mechanism for this year’s elections in Brazil.

Announced last October, this mechanism adds tags to content defined as electoral fake news and adds these links to explanatory articles on the TSE website.

“At best, Facebook can detect 20% of misinformation, but Realistically, they should label at most 5%is estimated.

According to Haugen, the social network is not so concerned about moderation in Brazil, because it does not consider that there is a risk of being punished for this lack of investment.

They [direção do Facebook] only cares about content moderation in countries where they are at risk of being regulatedlike the United States”he concluded.

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