Facebook started taking Google+ seriously

Since the launch of Google+, it has always been compared to Facebook because the approach to socializing is the same on both sides of social media.

To be honest, Google+ is not different from Facebook as they both offer the same type of communication. However, there are some features that Google+ has improvised and made them better than Facebook.

In recent months, Facebook has introduced some changes that are clearly inspired by Google+. Let’s take a look.

at the September 2011 Facebook rolled out improved friend lists in response to Google+ circles.

While lists already existed on Facebook, it was time consuming to organize and keep lists up to date for different parts of your life. So many improvements have been made to lists to compete against Google+ circles.

at the February 2012 Facebook has changed its photo viewer to look exactly like the existing Google+ photo viewer. In this photo viewer we no longer need to scroll down to see the comments for a specific photo.

at the March 2012 Facebook improved the image quality and also released a full screen photo viewer, again inspired by the better image quality of Google+.

The superior image quality of Google+ has attracted many serious photographers, and for them, Facebook was never an option. But now Facebook has learned this and pays close attention to photos.

These consecutive changes clearly show that Facebook has started to take Google+ seriously. Although switching from Facebook to Google+ permanently is very unlikely, especially if one has all the friends and the other doesn’t.

What do you think will be the next step for Facebook?

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