Fair game. a rider helps a competitor who has crashed in the Tour de France and regains the position. VIDEO

It’s not just sports. A beautiful scene of fair play captured the world’s attention at the Tour de France and ended on social media this Friday, 24 – fair game is an English expression meaning a faithful course of action.

In the 18th stage of the race, Slovenian rider Tadej Pogacar was leading the race on the descent that preceded his final, but lost his balance during a turn and fell to the ground.

That’s when second-placed Denmark’s Jonas Wingegaard had an attitude that deserves applause. he simply slowed his pace in the race, waited for Thaddeus to get back into the race and relinquished the lead to the Dane. The gesture of fair play was sealed with an emotional greeting between the two. Tadej extended his hand to his opponent and thanked him for the act. (see below)

How did it happen?

Overall runner-up Thaddeus Pogacar (UAE Team Emirates) crashed on the descent before the final climb of stage 18, with leader Jonas Wingegar (Jumbo-Wisma) in tow.

Instead of going his own way, the Dane decided to wait for the Slovenian a few meters further down the slope in a nice gesture of fair play.

The two have been in a titanic battle for the yellow jersey at this Tour, but the Dane has the upper hand and, barring some disaster, will emerge victorious.

Struggle for leadership

At the time the Slovenian rider fell, Tadej and Jonas were fighting for the race lead, 2.8 km from the finish line. This made the arrival even more exciting.

After a pit stop, Denmark’s Jonas Wingegaard eventually won on stage 18, almost a minute ahead of Pogakar.

See what the fall and fair game moment was like

Pogacar and Wingegard put on a fair play show on tour of France – Photo: Thomas SAMSON / AFP

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