Fair Serasa Limpa Nome will be finalized in a few days; see how to participate

Oh The name of the pure fair is a debt review operation promoted by Serasa that aims to combat defaults in the country. Interested parties will be able to negotiate their debts through the institution’s digital channels until next Monday. December 5🇧🇷

According to the institution, current debts amount to a total of 295 billion rials, which is equivalent to 4,300 rials to the dollar per person.

In particular, negatives who want to negotiate their debts have the opportunity to make the payment. pix🇧🇷 According to Serasa, those who choose to pay in this mode will have CPF: released within 24 hours.

Negotiations can be conducted over 260 companiesbanking, retail, among other sectors. Among them: Itaú, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Banco BV, Riachuelo, Magazine Luiza, Claro, Tim, Vivo, Havan and Sky.

Fair Serasa pure name

Feirão Serasa Limpa Nome has helped around 7.3 million citizens pay off their debts since 2021, providing more than R$15.7 million in rebates.

In the current version, defaulters will be able to pay their debts in up to 72 installments, along with discounts of up to 99% on outstanding amounts. It is important to note that the percentage of depreciation varies from company to company.

Companies participating in Clean Name Fair

Check below some establishments participating in the promotion and the discount percentage of each company.

  • Of course with a 95% discount;
  • Magalu with 95% discount;
  • Bradesco cards with 95% discount;
  • TIM with 91% discount;
  • Digio with 85% discount;
  • Riachuelo with 80% discount;
  • Like 70% off;
  • SKY with 70% discount.

How do I know if I’m negative?

There are three main entities that register consumers under dirty name, namely Serasa, Boa Vista SCPC and SPC Brasil. Each of them has information from certain companies, in this regard the consultation should be carried out through all available channels.


  • through the Serasa website;
  • Through an app available for Android and iOS.
  • By phone at 0800 591 1222.

Boa Vista SCPC.

  • via the Boa Vista SCPC website;
  • Through an app available for Android and iOS.

SPC Brazil.

  • via the SPC Brasil website;
  • Through an app available for Android and iOS.

How to clear your name at Serasa Fair?

As mentioned earlier, Clean Name Fair will be available until December 5, 2022, predicting negotiations in more than 260 companies. The process can be done in just a few steps. See how below.

  1. Log in to the Serasa portal;
  2. Click on Consult CPF;
  3. Enter CPF and click “Continue”;
  4. Enter the password and continue. Anyone who does not have an account can register on the platform for free;
  5. Select the View Offers option. You will be able to see all your overdue and negative debts with partner companies, as well as the terms offered by each of them.
  6. Select the debt you want to review.
  7. Select one of the renegotiation options;
  8. Choose a payment method. In this edition of Feirão Serasa, you can clear your name by paying the debit with Pix, just copy the Pix key and copy it to your bank application;
  9. Click Close Transaction.

Finally, it should be noted that negotiations can be carried out throughout the campaign. If the company you owe money to isn’t listed on Serasa, check another day to see if it’s already listed. the list will be updated frequently.

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