Fally Ipupa concert on October 29 at the Martyrs Stadium in Kinshasa: “I’m not saying I’m going to do more than others, but it’s going to be different”, (Fally Ipupa)

Artist Fally Ipupa will perform a concert on October 29 at the Pentecost Martyrs Stadium in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. 9 days after this mega show, this Congolese musician was in front of the press, this Thursday, October 20, in the Congolese capital.

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Firstly, the Congolese star wanted to assure that his concert will be different from the previous ones performed at the Martyrs Stadium. However, he subsequently emphasized that it would not be more than everyone else, a matter of avoiding any controversy.

I know many concerts have been held at the Martyrs Stadium, I didn’t say that mine will be dangerous, more than all the others, it will be different because first I will play my songs and then I will wear my clotheshe stated.

As for whether he will fill the 80,000 capacity Martyrs Stadium, Fali Ipupa confirmed that is not his vision. He promised to go on stage even with 2 thousand people.

Contrary to the vision of many people that the concert is performed only when it is full. No! I will wear my nice clothes to go up on the podium. 3, 4,000, 2,000, 7,000, 20,000 (…) Even if 20,000 people come, I don’t care, I will go up there and sing for the pleasure of giving the concert. And even if there are people, even better. I don’t play just because people are full. No no ! Those who know me can testify” explained the former Quartier Latin orchestra musician, promising to present his gold disc during the concert on October 29.

The other issue raised by the fondly called “eagle” is the safety of the people who will be traveling to the Martyrs Stadium for this concert. In this regard, Fally Ipupa, who admits his responsibility, called on the authorities to ensure the safety of his fans during this event.

I bear my share of responsibility, it’s a great concert that they like, but I think the question should be asked to the nation, because today it involves the DRC, the image of the country. When we move, we go to their countries, they provide for us, I think the country should provide for all these people that come to the country“, he said.

In addition, this Congolese music star welcomes his partnership with the brewing company BRALIMA through the Mutzig class brand.

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BRALIMA, main sponsor of the Fally Ipupa concert

Press conference for Fally Ipupa’s October 29 concert at Martyrs Stadium in Kinshasa: “I’m not saying I’m going to do more than others, but it’s going to be different,” (Fally Ipupa)

Through its Mutzig class brand, the BRALIMA brewing company is sponsoring Fally Ipupa’s concert on October 29 at the Martyrs Stadium.

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According to Myoto Nyota, this is justified by the fact that this artist is the Mutzig class brand ambassador of BRALIMA.

Fally has been our Mutzig class brand ambassador since 2019. So when the organizers came to see me talk about this big concert they wanted to do at the Martyrs Stadium, it was only natural that BRALIMA could get involved. So we are the main sponsor of Fally Ipupa’s Martyrs stadium concert“, pointed out the Director of Corporate Affairs of BRALIMA.

And to continue:You have Mutzig class is a brand that has values ​​of progress and quality, and Fally exactly exemplifies these values. We all know Fali’s story. Throughout his career he has been like our brand, the Mutzig class. So, it is quite normal for us to have him as our ambassador and to have a slogan: Never stop trying. And Fally Ipupa really is that. He said at the press conference: he is a determined person who always moves forward. These are exactly the values ​​of our Mutzig class“.

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On the occasion, she announced that BRALIMA has purchased more than 40,000 tickets that will be offered to users to attend Fally Ipupa’s concert on October 29.

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