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False. prisoners did not die from Covid-19


In an interview with Inteligência Ltda., Jair Bolsonaro said that there have been no deaths from the coronavirus in prisons because the prison population is taking medication for annoying, genital lice.

As early as March 2021, the information published by the United Nations showed that more than 527 thousand prisoners were already infected with Covid-19 in 47 countries. the number of deaths reached almost 4 thousand.

Overcrowding of cells and hygiene problems have been one of the main factors contributing to increased pollution levels in prisons.

Figures from the National Council of Justice (CNJ) for September this year show that around 77,500 prisoners have had Covid-19 since the start of the epidemic. 339 of them died.

Watch Bolsonaro’s speech.

“Why didn’t the prisoners who live in the compartments die? [de covid-19]? Where was death in prison, my God in heaven? What did they take? An antidote that adds hair to the scale”

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