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A new coup by the Government to lower the prices of high price of electricity. Pedro Sánchez announced yesterday in the Congress of Deputies that he will create a a new category in the electric social bonus designed for low-income working households, who will be able to benefit from a 40% discount on your electricity bills, although it will be temporary until the end of 2023 and will benefit about 1.5 million families. The goal, according to the President of the Executive Board, is nothing else tackle the energy crisis because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is expected that these measures will be approved next Tuesday, October 18, in the Council of Ministers.

Now, at this point, it should be noted that the social bonus for electricity is a discount applied to the electricity bill people with less means to pay the bills. Thus, there are several types of discounts depending on consumers, the Ministry for Ecological Transition reported:

  • 25% for vulnerable consumers which meet the established requirements.
  • 40% for seriously vulnerable consumers which meet the established requirements.
  • If, in addition, “you are a consumers at risk of social exclusionbecause you are taken care of by the social service of the regional or local administration, which pays at least 50% of the bill, you will not have to pay the electricity bill“.

Strengthening of the heating social bonus and a new regulated rate

But things do not end there, because there is also progress the budget for the heating social bonus will be doubled, thus doubling the number of families that can use this energy aid. In addition, another novelty refers to a new regulated tariff (TUR) for neighboring communities with centralized natural gas boilers to address price increases. + As stated, the average aid will double to 375 euros per household and will raise the minimum aid to 40 euros by doubling the bonus budget for vulnerable households. Help will grow from the fork like this from 35 euros to 350 euros per year up the jaw from 40 euros to 375 per year.

Improving the electrical social connection

Likewise, the discount is applied in electric social voucherof which 1.3 million households use today, which goes from 65% to 80% that is, for households that are considered vulnerable and seriously vulnerable. “These are measures that as a whole they will protect 40% of homes our country,” Sánchez said.

  • The discount is applied to the electric social voucher from 60 to 65%: for significant vulnerable users.
  • The discount is applied to the electric social voucher from 70 to 80%: for the severely vulnerable.

15% more energy

The Prime Minister also announced it the amount of energy for which the right to a discount is exercised increases by 15%or. In this way, the new tables of the maximum annual limit are as follows:

  • unit of coexistence without minorsde facto couples or single applicants: increase from 1380 KWh to 1587 KWh.
  • Units of coexistence with a minor: increase from 1,932 kWh to 2,221.8 KWh
  • Units of coexistence with two minors: increase from 2,346 KWh to 2,697.9 KWh
  • Units of coexistence ‘big families’: increase from 4,140 kWh to 4,761 kWh
  • Applicant’s individual cohabitation unit or pensioner’s minimum amount: increase from 1,932 KWh to 2,221.8 KWh

Help for families with boilers

new assistance to families with centralized boilers thanks to the creation of a new regulated rate for urban communities with centralized heating that will cause discounts, according to estimates from Moncloa, of more than 50% on the bills of 1.7 million households. The intention is to reduce the bill to more than half of what you would pay under current conditions on the electricity market. Therefore, in this way, the protective scheme of the natural gas protective tariff (TUR) will be extended to new neighborhood savings TUR.

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