Famous game hunter suspected of being shot in the headWorld News 

Famous game hunter suspected of being shot in the head

A well-known game hunter was suspected of being shot in the head outside Mokopane. Nothing was stolen in the raid.

Prominent game hunter killed earlier this month

Riaan Naude is a 55-year-old famous game hunter who lives in Phalaborwa, South Africa.

Riaan pulled his truck off the road outside Mokopane because it overheated, according to the nonprofit crime-fighting group Heritage Preservation (HPG).

It is believed a white Nissan was parked next to the vehicle and two men came out, one of whom shot Naude at close range. The shooting happened earlier this month.

Famous game hunter Riaan Naude was allegedly shot in the head.Photo: Facebook

“He was found with his face up and with blood on his head and face”

Police spokesman Lt.col. Mamphaswa Seabi said Riaan’s body was found next to the truck when police arrived at the scene.

“The man was lying on his back with blood on his head and face.”

Lieutenant Colonel Manpaswasibi

Preliminary investigations revealed that a herder in the area heard gunfire and spotted a white Nissan pickup truck speeding towards Marken.

All personal items were still in the car, weapons, ammunition, hunting gear and clothing were left untouched.

Famous game hunter suspected of being shot in the head
Well-known game hunter Riaan Naude is suspected of hitting the head Picture: HPG

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Police have yet to confirm any arrests in the murder case

Seabi had not confirmed on Monday whether anyone had been arrested for the murder.

Riaan is a member of the Eco Safari group and Pro Hunt Africa, which are located in the far north of the African country. Pro Hunt is a professional hunting group that attracts tourists who want to live out their “dream” of hunting animals.

People are not happy with the animals he shot

On Pro Hunt’s website, Riaan can be seen posing with several wild animals shot, including elephants, zebras, giraffes and lions.

Angry social media users reacted to photos of Riaan posing with animals.

According to the price list on the Pro Hunt website, a crocodile hunt costs $2,500 (R32 596,80), while Big Five and Hippo prices are only available on request.

Famous game hunter suspected of being shot in the head
Famous game hunter shot in the head Photo: Facebook

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