Fan makes Terraria toilet sets for The Boys, Batman, Star Wars, etc

The character creation wizard is impressing the Terraria Reddit page with his Terraria cosmetic sets based on a wide range of popular culture. Since the release of Terraria 1.4.4 Labor of Love update in September for one of the best building games, fans have been playing with all the new additions. One of the big quality-of-life changes brought to the sandbox game was the introduction of multi-loading Terraria gear.

This new functionality freed players to carry even more gear than ever before and allowed them to use their ‘vanity spaces’ – which cover their currently equipped armor with the visual appearance of another item – for fashion rather than bonus storage. Additionally, Terraria’s increased inventory and Terraria’s vacuum bag overhaul means players have more space than ever before and are obviously using it to get creative.

Reddit user Psyanide5210 is a particular enthusiast, pairing the Terraria character creator with various cosmetic items and colors to recreate all sorts of familiar faces. They initially started by posting just their five favorites out of the “230+ vanity combos I’ve made” on the Terraria subreddit. These include Homelander from The Boys, Unit Eva 01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel’s friendly neighbor Spider-Man and two versions of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars: A New Hope – one in his robes, one in his orange pilot suit.

After a positive response from the community, they released a second and third set of creations. Either way, they include a full breakdown of the items and colors used, so you can recreate the look yourself if you want. Personally, our favorites include Batman, Hollow Knight, Gus Fring from Breaking Bad, and the spooky and gory horror icon SCP-173.

Your creations have certainly impressed other players as much as we have. Users in the comments also give their suggestions, as well as certain items that could be good for future builds. Personally, we love that they give you a good reason to follow all those crafty colors beyond just complete trends! I’m already eyeing some specific looks for my character, thanks to the ideas Psyanide5210 sparked in my head.

If you’re wondering what other tricks you can pull off in the latest update, why not play trap making with the new Terraria Echo Coating or test your Terraria drone skills? We also cover all Terraria bosses in turn, how to mod your game with some of the best Terraria mods, and a Terraria luck guide to increase your NPC rewards (and lower your shop prices).

Image Credit: Psyanide5210 on Reddit.

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