Fan music will be added to Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt is organizing a contest

CD Projekt & lstrok; os & lstrok; o, & eogon; new radio station. Developers organize & aogon; music competition & eogon; to the station.

How can we & eogon; will prove & cacute; from the official announcement, & lshed & sacute; b & eogon; will be & eogon; it’s called & cacute; 89.7 Growl FM and listen to the music of & eogon; created by & aogon; by fans. Os & cacute; of & cacute; si & eogon; each and you can send us applications until November 30, 2022. Songs must & aogon; of & cacute; obviously inspired by the Cyberpunk universe.

Artists who wish to participate in the competition include & aogon; however, some limitations & aogon; adheres to & cacute ;. In & sacute; among them we can find:

  • Any style and genre
  • Vocals in English, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese
  • Duration of the piece from 2 to 3 minutes
  • The song cannot contain & cacute; content or fragments of other works & lstrok; copyrighted
  • It cannot contain & cacute; offense and casual content
  • Unable to copy & cacute; word for word & lstrok; word whole & lstrok; about & sacute; ci or fragments of other works & lstrok;

Let’s recall the Phantom Liberty add-on will debut next year and only available on PC and current-gen consoles. DLC should be & cacute; kept in the atmosphere of a spy thriller. This time the protagonist or protagonist of the main campaign, V, goes to a completely new area of ​​Night City, where & aogon; wandering & eogon; to be in the army of the New United States of America.

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