Fátima Bezerra promises to hold a new contest for Idema-RN

Continuing with the interviews about the plans for the next four years, Governor Fatima Bezerra emphasized that public tenders to improve services and expand service to the population of Rio Grande do Norte, citing Health, Education, Safety and Environment as priorities.

In FM 98, she highlighted the case of the Institute for Sustainable Development and Environment (Idema-RN), an environmental licensing and inspection body that is extremely important for the development of the state’s economy.

At the moment, about 90% of Idema’s staff consists of temporary contracts. THEREFORE, we will contest, yes, in Idema for the state to be even more efficient and proactive […]. There is an effort for a qualified service and it is being done, but the public tender must be done“, said the governor Fátima Bezerra.

MP accompanies the studies for the Idema public competition

In October 2021, the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Norte began monitoring studies for the Idema-RN competition. An ordinance exposed the establishment of an administrative procedure for this purpose.

According to the deputy, it was found that the most urgent situation to be resolved was the adequacy of the municipal server staff.

Currently, it has a large number of people employed/contracted and/or bound by agreement, the latter calls from friends“, explained the deputy.

Thus, through the 45th Prosecutor’s Office for the Protection of the Environment of the Natal District, the administrative proceedings have started. Among the actions was the follow-up of studies by the competition commission.

Formed a year ago, the commission has yet to provide the MP with information about the competition. Among the data to be clarified was the work performance and selection schedule.

With an increasingly small staff, the next competition must think about the career of high level technician. In June 2021, Idema informed the category unions that it was trying to fill 149 vacancies, but obstacles at the State Audit Court (TEC) made selection impossible.

In 2020, Idema selected 189 professionals

Without a valid competition, Idema conducted a selection process to hire 189 top level scholarship holders in 2020.

At that time, the contracts were for a period of 12 months, with the possibility of renewal. Salaries offered ranged from R$2,400 to R$3,400.

Vacancies were distributed according to the following areas:

  • Administration (one);
  • Right (31);
  • Architecture and Urban Planning (eight);
  • Chemical Engineering (eight);
  • Science and Technology (three);
  • Environmental Engineering (eight);
  • Construction Engineering or Civil Construction Technologist (13);
  • Civil Engineering (one);
  • Electrical Engineering (four);
  • Forestry Engineering (nine);
  • Mechanical Engineering (three);
  • Mining Engineering (one);
  • Oil and Gas Engineering (seven);
  • Geography (12);
  • Geoscience or natural science (one);
  • Geology (nine);
  • Agronomy or Agronomic Engineering (12);
  • Environmental Management (ten);
  • Biological Sciences (35);
  • Ecology (six);
  • Aquaculture or fisheries engineering (two);
  • Pedagogy (three);
  • Oceanography (one); AND
  • History, Archeology or Anthropology (one).

Candidates were evaluated through a curriculum analysis, based on the analysis of academic training, scientific production and professional experiences that contributed to the project.

Other competitions in RN

Answering a question sent by a listener to 98FM, Fátima said that the current government has unblocked a number of public tenders. He recalled that in the first years of his leadership, 1319 military police officers were appointed and that by the end of this year, 400 civil servants will be called for the positions of delegates, agents and clerks.

The Civil Police competition is valid for the next few years and depending on our budget and financial capacity, we will form new groups and gradually recruit more candidates.“, said the head of the State Executive, also recalling that even in 2022, the State Government will appoint 76 health officials to the Military Police Hospital, a measure that favors the entire population, since 70% of hospital care is popular and no. necessarily military.

We also foresee improvements in the structural conditions of police stations and battalions of the Civil and Military Police. We have already started with a renovation of the São Gonçalo do Amarante Battalion, for example. I have also insisted on being personally acquainted with the structure of the Pau dos Ferros Battalion. All of this is part of our policy of prioritizing public safety, valuing area professionals“, said Fatima.


The governor recalled that in December the last installment of salary negotiations with the police will be paid. “Among others, the Military Police will achieve a cumulative readjustment of around 40%. No Brazilian state has reached this level. And this is an investment that is reflected in reducing the rate of violence. And we will increasingly increase these investments, in equipment, in intelligence, in technology, because this is directly reflected in more security and peace for the population.“, concluded the governor.

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