FC Porto will build the stadium in MetaversoEnglish 

FC Porto will build the stadium in Metaverso

Have you ever thought about helping build your favorite team’s soccer stadium? This is now possible with Dragão Stadium, F. Porto. But it’s not in the physical environment, no, it’s in the Metaverse. This is what the partnership with Upland promises, a Blockchain-based metaverse inspired by the famous Monopoly game, in which you buy, sell and trade virtual properties, on a digital map mirrored in the real cartography of cities.

And already giving away spoilers, there are several Brazilian teams that are in advanced negotiations with Upland to also allow their fans to feel like they own the heart team’s stadium in the virtual environment.

The first phase of the implementation of FC Porto in Upland has already begun. In addition to the Estádio do Dragão, as it is known, the city of Porto in the metaverse and the Francisco Sá Carneiro airport will be created. Users will be able to purchase in-game properties that actually exist in the real world, using Blockchain technology to guarantee security and transparency. This system is already well known by those within the cryptocurrency universe.

“European football is a way of life – it’s as natural as eating, sleeping and breathing – and for FC Porto, being able to bring that passion into the metaverse is an unparalleled opportunity to engage fans. With Upland, we’re enabling fans to use transaction-centric NFT markets for an activity-driven metaverse experience that engages them with the football team and players they love,” says Dirk Lueth, one of the Silicon Valley company’s founders. .

These are the most convenient forms of trading in the metaverse. Upland’s own NFTs will be created that can be purchased or otherwise earned through game mechanics with the “currency” used in Upland to trade properties.

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