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Federal judges express “unreserved support” for TSE

Photo: Jose Cruz/Agência Brasil

Ajufe (Association of Federal Judges of Brazil) published a note on Monday evening (18). “Unlimited support to the Supreme Electoral Court and its ministers, trusting in the absolute fairness of the upcoming electoral contest.”.

The federal judge’s memo was released hours after Jair Bolsonaro’s meeting with ambassadors, in which the president returned to attack the TSE (photo) and reiterated, now to an audience of foreigners, conspiracy theories about Brazil’s election.

Read Ajufe’s statement in full below.

“The Association of Federal Judges of Brazil (Ajufe), which represents the Brazilian Federal Judiciary, given the proximity of the effective start of the electoral process this year, hereby publicly expresses its unlimited support to the Supreme Electoral Court and its ministers, trusting; in the absolute smoothness of the upcoming electoral competition.

By the choice of the founding legislator, the TSE was entrusted with the role of moderator and arbiter of the electoral processes, a task that it has carried out over the years in an absolutely republican and efficient manner.

The greatest example of this efficiency was the introduction and improvement of electronic voting machines, which since 1996 have guaranteed the most absolute legitimacy of the popular will, without effectively pointing out violations of their application, being more than once, including through the National Congress, rejecting the need for the adoption of paper voting.

Therefore, as was the case in all previous elections, the confidence is reaffirmed that the result of the will of the people will be respected, regardless of who will be elected or will be elected to the disputed positions.

Finally, and from the outset, any attempt to challenge such a result outside the proper channels, that is, accepted by the legal system guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary and the sovereignty of the people’s vote, is rejected.”

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