Feijóo takes the gloves for companies and promises state pacts in the economy

Alberto Nuñéz Feijóo accelerates the electoral race towards La Moncloa in 2023 and makes two promises to the electorate if the People’s Party (PP) comes to power. The first is that they will return to state pacts as a recipe for getting out of the political and economic crisis. This is a request that the business fabric has been asking for months, in order to take advantage of the arrival of European funds for the transformation of the country’s production fabric. The second directly refers to the unemployed and vulnerable groups, to whom he guaranteed that he would “improve” their position and promote economic and social measures with financial support.

The popular leader alluded to the cooling of GDP during the third quarter of the year, which recorded a slight advance of 0.2%, well below the point and a half recorded between April and June, to criticize the PGE being cooked up in Congress as more like an election agenda than general accounts, in an environment characterized by the fear of recession, which will prevent the country from facing the situation “as it should be”. “We have issued 200 million euros more in public debt every day since Pedro Sánchez came to government,” he insisted.

In his final speech of the traditional party pilgrimage in the city of Lugo, Feijóo assured that he believes in the sustainability of the pacts, but not in the president (alluding to Pedro Sánchez), who seems to have no “brake” at the time to negotiate his survival, which he showed in the negotiations on the renewal of the General Judicial Council, which the PP itself suspended this Thursday. Through the statement, the “popular” protected the break in Sánchez’s intention to reduce the penalties for the crime of rebellion. From the Galician countries, the former president of the Xunte replied to Sánchez that the constitutional order “is not protected in installments” and accused him of “discrediting” the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). “He cannot agree with those of us who want to strengthen the independence of the judiciary and those who want to create an à la carte criminal law,” he emphasized.

Minutes earlier, the head of the executive assured that the Spanish constitution “must be fulfilled from start to finish”, regardless of whether one is “in government or in opposition”, during an act of celebration in Seville of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the PSOE in the general elections in 1982, criticizing the fact that there are political parties that “shamelessly do not adhere” to the Magna Carta, clearly referring to the PP.

Feijóo focused part of his speech on criticism of Sánchez himself and his relationship with key investment partners -ERC and Bildu-. “His pacts with the movement for independence are not subject to the obligation to stay in the government, but a personal decision, since he prefers to rule with the movement for independence than with the constitution maker,” he pointed out, claiming that he canceled the talks. with Monclo when “He was aware that the Government wanted to weaken the institutions”, and he criticized that he only encountered “silence and insults” in response when he wanted to contribute to the independence of the judiciary.

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