Felling of trees in 2023. A higher limit for trees is being prepared without notice. It will be easier to cut the tree on the plot

In the first case, the simplification has already been approved and will consist in the fact that municipalities will receive requests for tree removal not only in paper form, but also online. In the second – the change is still being processed and concerns raising the girth of the trunk by 20 cm, the cutting of which does not even need to be reported.


Municipalities will accept applications for tree removal permits online from January 27, 2023. The same applies to applications where they are required. These situations are listed below. But first, let’s take a look at what’s new to expect in 2023.

Act of October 26, 2022 on Amendments to Certain Acts to Simplify Administrative Procedures for Citizens and Entrepreneurs introduces the aforementioned possibility of contacting the office online regarding tree felling. Legal entities and business entities need a permit, and natural persons need to register.

Simplification will also be the unification of application templates throughout Poland. They will be published on the Internet pages of the Public Information Bulletin of the Minister of Climate and Environmental Protection. We will refer them as before – to the municipal chief, the mayor or the president of the city. In the case of historical areas, the addressee is the monument conservator.

Amendments to the Nature Protection Act of April 16, 2004 regarding the dimensions of trunks that are cut without notice are being prepared. On November 16, the majority of deputies (258) after the first reading were in favor of referring the draft law to the Special Committee on Deregulation. The reasoning reads:

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