Fewer deaths recorded during this year’s Limpopo spring season – SABC News

The Limpopo Home of Traditional Leaders believes it has had a successful primary school season with fewer deaths compared to previous years.

The first group of initiates was welcomed home over the weekend, with the last group expected to go home this weekend.

Only one death has been reported in over 700 initiation schools.

Chief Malesela Dickgale says the only recorded death, that of a six-year-old boy in Bolobedu, is cause for concern.

“We are just disappointed that we lost a child in Bolobedu area. We didn’t want anyone to lose their life. But now that we have lost a child, we are just saddened by the death of this child and we say, may his soul rest in peace. This week we will be able to check if everyone is coming back on the 25th or 24th and I’m sure we won’t have a primary school in the countryside,” added Chief Dickgale.

Parents of initiates were in a jubilant mood as they celebrated the return of their children

“I feel great because today they are coming home. They go to see their parents and everything is fine and we are happy for that,” said one of the jubilant parents.

A traditional surgeon in Tafelkop, Isaac Makua, says he has received support from various stakeholders to be able to operate properly.

Makua says, “We were able to run the initiation schools. We have had no deaths and that is because of the support we get from the local traditional leaders and COGHSTA and also the Ministry of Health has been guiding us.”

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