FGV will have a training course for OOH specialists

Barbara Saccitiello

March 14, 2023 – 7:44 am

Kallas Mídia OOH helped prepare the course design and content with FGV Educação Executivo (Credit: Reproduction)

In August of this year, FGV Educação Executivo, in São Paulo, will start the first course of an update course on media outside the home. The project was developed between the educational institution and Kallas Mídia OOH and arose from the perception that, although working outside the home is one of the ways of the greatest growth in recent years, the training of professionals trained to work in this medium does not follow the same rhythm.

“It is not new that I recognize the need and lack of outdoor activities in academic classes of communication courses,” admits Rodrigo Kallas, CEO of Kallas Mídia OOH. The executive director says that he noticed the gap during his own academic experience in marketing, when the medium was not even approached.


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“Today is no different. Talking to friends’ children, interns who work with me, and recent graduates, especially in the field of marketing or advertising, the question always comes up about what OOH is and how little research there is,” he points out.

Kallas says he sees a contradiction in the lack of an academic foundation and the importance that OOH currently has. ON the latest Cenp-Medios report, published last weekpoints out that out-of-home is the medium that will grow the most in 2022, in terms of investment in advertising.

Last year, OOH received 27.9% more investment in media than in 2021, which gives the medium a 10.2% share of the advertising pie. During 2022, the national advertising market reported to Cenp-Meios a total investment of BRL 2.160 billion in out-of-home advertising.

From idea to OOH course

The conversations that culminated in the creation of this first OOH-focused course began two years ago. Kallas reports that he sought out the Fundação Getúlio Vargas, in São Paulo, to discuss the absence of OOH in the curriculum of marketing and advertising courses and, after several conversations, he began to collaborate with the teaching institution, forming a team to evaluate the cases and sector data, in order to compile the network.

Although Kallas Midia OOH helped develop the content, the company’s CEO emphasizes that the course has no commercial bias from the company and that Kallas’ intention was to help develop a network that would help professionals operate in a comprehensive manner in the OOH sector.

What will the OOH course be like?

The OOH course fits into the category of short courses offered by FGV Educação Executivo, and will be taught by publicist and columnist Igdal Parnes.

The professor, who is also the coordinator at FGV, says that this educational institution has always had the prerequisite to be attentive to the market in order to detect topics that were increasingly coming to the fore and that therefore require more solid training of experts.

“About 10% of advertising investment in Brazil is through OOH (and DOOH, which is its digital arm). If we take into account that this places outdoor media as the third most important media in Brazil, behind only television and the Internet, we conclude that marketing and communication professionals require greater knowledge and specialization in this topic”, analyzes Parnes.

Since it is a short course, the proposal will be to provide students with the most important information about the OOH medium as well as its relevance to the current Brazilian media scenario, providing more tools and knowledge for those already working or who intend to enter the field..

The coordinator adds that the proposal is to have other classes for the course and that in the future FGV Educação Executivo will be able to assess whether the teaching will be face-to-face or distance learning.

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