Fight for the right to ask questions in the Luner Council. Horst Engel did not give up

Artist Horst Engel from Lünen campaigned for citizens to have the right to ask questions at every council meeting. He badly needed to stay in power. © Photo: Nico Drimeker (A)

Horst Engel wants to have a say in Lünen’s politics without choosing a party or a constituency. He had to wait a long time for success and hardly realized it.

Horst Engel is the founder of Art for Immediate Consumption. Born in Duisburg, who lives and works in Lünen, he wants his works to be immediately available to the public, without much fanfare. The 72-year-old now knows that more patience is needed in Lunen’s local politics. “Immediately” is more of a foreign word. He waited almost two years for the answer to his citizen’s application. And he would probably still be waiting if he didn’t check with the municipality. “But it was worth it,” he says. Thanks to his persistence, now there are questions and answers from residents at every meeting of the council.

Everyone is allowed to express suggestions and complaints

They remembered after a year and a half

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