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Film Noir on Netflix is ​​a brain exercise and will keep your eyes glued to the screen

A Turkish film whose release on Netflix was delayed in the wake of an earthquake that killed more than 50,000 people in Turkey and Syria, 10 Days of a Good Man is a modern, dense and complex noir over two hours long, directed by By Uluch Bayraktar and written by Mehmed Eroglu and Damla Serim. The story follows private detective Sadiq (Nejat Isler), a former lawyer who is framed for a crime by his ex-wife and former business partner, Rezan (Nur Fettahoglu), and spends seven years in prison.

While in prison, she filed for divorce and married another man. Successful and proven, Rezan covers the pages of magazines about celebrities and socialites. While she lives in luxury and appearances, her ex-husband Sadiq lives in an old apartment and makes a living as a detective after losing his bar license. He is tasked with finding Tewfik, a young man who disappeared a few days ago. First, the boy’s mother tells her side of the story. As Sadiq talks to the missing man’s sister, he begins to discover that Tewfiq was not what his mother had imagined.

Involved with criminals and shady dealings, Tewfik may have dug his own grave. Only his sister Pinar (Ilayda Akdogan) knows who he was in his underground life. The secrets and evidence he keeps may be the key to the mystery. During his investigation, Sadiq becomes close to his neighbor, Fatma (Ilayda Alisani), a prostitute half his age. However, his generous and pure heart embraces Sadiq. Both feel supported by each other and protected by a world full of interests and evil.

The film unfolds slowly and the audience is allowed to follow Sadiq’s every step and discovery. The story goes deep into the mystery and details the investigation. The problem is that there is so much information that you have to pay close attention to the movie so you don’t get lost in so many characters and so many detours. People with focus problems may feel a little disoriented in this production. In addition, the amount of information makes the story interesting or monotonous, it will depend on the spirit and mood of the viewer.

At times, the film deviates from the investigative genre to add depth to Sadiq and Fatma’s romance, or to show the hero’s troubled past with his ex-wife. It’s cool how he builds his story with Fatma in the process of rebuilding the lives of two lost people. Their feelings seem pure and simple. Fatma is beautiful, but Sadiq dares not touch her without first proving her interest. He is respectful and protective. He is welcoming and kind.

From a man who has completely lost control of his life to investigation and falling in love, Sadiq gradually regains his self-esteem, confidence and zest for life. Apart from crime, mystery, drama and romance, the film also adds a touch of humor to this potpourri of genres. The feature film does not contain many action scenes, and this may bother those who do not like more drawn-out films.

movie: 10 days of a good man
Direction: Uluch Bayraktar
Year: 2023 year
Gender: Noir / Romance / Drama
Note: 7/10

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