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Find out how the UK will elect a new Prime Minister after Boris Johnson resigns

Announcing his resignation as UK Prime Minister on Thursday (7), Boris Johnson said the process of choosing the next leader “starts now”.

Under the United Kingdom’s political system, only Conservative Members of Parliament have the power to remove a sitting Conservative Prime Minister between elections.

So, what will be the process of choosing a new leader?

In a schedule that the Conservative Party will detail next week, the first round will see members of the party nominate for the leadership. For that, they need the support of at least eight parliamentarians.

If there are more than two candidates, the first round of voting will be held. All candidates with less than 18 votes in this first round will be eliminated.

If there are more than two candidates, then the second round of voting will take place. This time, the candidates who got less than 36 votes will be eliminated. If the number of candidates is still more than two, the process will continue with the two with the most votes.

Conservative Party members then vote nationwide, by mail, between the two finalists. The person with the most votes becomes the leader of the Conservative Party and the new Prime Minister of Great Britain.

An explanatory infographic on how the leader of the Conservative Party will be chosen to replace Boris Johnson. / CNN

How long will this take?

The duration may vary depending on how many people apply as candidates. Theresa May took the lead in 2016 less than three weeks after David Cameron resigned, with all other contenders dropping out midway through the race.

Johnson faced former health secretary Jeremy Hunt in a second round of Conservative members to replace May in 2019 and took over the post two months after May announced her intention to resign.

the British press reported that Johnson had agreed with the chairman of the 1922 committee, which would oversee the vote, that the new leader should be in office until the party’s annual convention, which would be held October 2-5.

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