Find out which ‘celebrities’ are returning to kitchens on TVE

After Lorena Castel was announced as the winner of the seventh edition of the MasterChef CelebrityTelevisión Española announced that viewers of talent kitchen you will be able to enjoy during the closing Christmas season a new season in which the new former contestants will return to the TVE firehouses with the opportunity to receive the prize. Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, José Corbacho, Anabel Alonso, Bibiana Fernández, Mario Vaquerizo, Boris Izaguirre, La Terremoto de Alcorcón🇧🇷 Carmina Barrios and Florentino Fernandezwhich is already waiting for your record in La Roca hace in a few days they will face each other again Special offers on Christmas MasterChef the new gastronomic tests with some of the graduate students of the junior edition who will be their asesores in these family closures, so signaled.


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The participants in the various editions of the culinary competition will be back in search of the triumph after all failed to achieve it in their first and some in their second participation. Por ello, los nueve ccelebrities return to fight with all their might and thus demonstrate in the kitchens of chef that in the time that has passed, he has improved even more in his recipes and cutting-edge techniques. No opening date confirmed by la cadena🇧🇷 Cayetana Guillen Cuervo she will be the oldest candidate of all who have dared to present themselves again on this exciting adventure. Quedó in second position after the triumph of Miguel Ángel Muñoz in the first edition and now returns with great desire to take truinfo.

From the second edition in which Saúl Craviotto wonBibiana Fernanes, Annabel Alonso and Jose Corbacho they are the candidates who will compete again in the competition. The associate of Ana Rosa’s program was the seventh evicted and the actress of To love is forever octave (aunque concursó de nuevo en la fourth edition), but both formed a comic duo that won the millions of viewers who came to it talent🇧🇷 “Las retales” have visited the plateaus many times and together they have revolutionized them all the participants with crossed out. Would you do it again? In addition, the best performer was the comedian, who remained in third position after the athlete and his friend Silvia Abril. Who will also return to develop cutting-edge techniques and Mario Vaquerizo, who in the third season was the third finalist. But he won’t be the only one to return from his race, as Boris Izaguirewho participates with him and a year later again (at Christmas it will be the third), coming in fourth position, will show his domain on the stoves


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Florentino Fernandez and the Alcorcon earthquakewho were in second and sixth positions respectively in the fifth season of the competition, will see the faces again in the MasterChef Christmas Specials and will again infect everyone with his joy and good mood. Finally, the sixth edition will feature one of the most evolved and audience-surprised contestants: Carmina Barrioswho was ranked fifth in a very special ranking, a year in which he is the winner for the first time, Micky Nadal and Juama Castaño.

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