Find out who are the entrepreneurs who own Lotus Corporate, the target of the federal police in Manaus

Manaus – The founder and president of Lotus Corporate Group Jorge Luiz Guimarães de Araujo Dias and his managing partner Farley da Silva placed the company under investigation by the federal police following reports of fraud against more than 200 public officials in Manaus and cities in other places in Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro, Belém, Boa Vista and Natal. With this, the group transferred more than R$ 156 million and laundered a lot of money through various activities.

In the contract the company promised, the servers made a loan, transferred the amount to Lotus, and the company paid a commission of up to 12% to the customer. This would pay off the debt incurred by the server. Such a contract would last for one year, and Lotus would pay monthly installments, until the total amount of the loan is paid. However, the servers started receiving bank charges for overdue installments, indicating that Lotus was “disappearing” with the money.

money laundering

A group linked to Lotus used the profits from the coup to promote other diverse economic activities, which ranged from holding concerts in Manaus and hiring nationally, to buying and selling vehicles and real estate.

“They ranged from promoting events to publicizing their activities, such as holding shows with national attractions in the city of Manaus/AM, fishing championships, sponsoring an e-sports team, to buying and selling cars,” said PF.

Lotus owners were considered “promising young people”

Jorge Luiz Guimarães de Araujo Dias blew up on gossip sites in 2021 that praised and sold his image as a “community boy who became a big businessman”. When Jorge Dias was 18 years old, some blogs praised the young man for owning an ice cream shop, for training in manufacturing engineering, and for traveling the world meeting other cultures.

At the time, Jorge Dias said: “I started attending a private university for manufacturing engineering, but I didn’t finish it. I stopped in the seventh period because the opportunity arose to go to Manaus to open an investment company. I was never afraid to take risks, so I didn’t think twice about running for a new job”.

At the time, Jorge had just opened Lótus and started with his friend, Farley Felipe De Araúja Da Silva, owner of Royals Entretenimento, a concert events company that boasted it had already brought “several famous artists to the city”.

Farley was even investigated for embezzlement in Rio de Janeiro.

See the arrests after the Federal Police operation

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