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Fined BRL 2.6 million by Silveira Moraes

Photo by Adriano Machado/Cruso

Bolsonaro MP Daniel Silveira (PTB, photo) was fined BRL 2.6 million by STF Minister Alexander de Moraes.🇧🇷 With the new sentence imposed on the 15th, the deputy already has five fines with a total value of 4.3 million rials.

According to the judge, Silveira has so far flouted the precautionary measures imposed by the STF on 175 separate occasions, such as by not using the electronic eavesdropper and giving interviews without judicial permission.

Silveira was sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison by the STF in April this year for threatening and inciting violence against court ministers. After the decision of the Supreme Court, President Jair Bolsonaro pardoned the deputy, which freed him from conviction.

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