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Five things you didn’t know about AEW’s Angelico

Angelico flies the flag for South Africa in All Elite Wrestling with his unique and worldly style.

There are a few things the average fan probably doesn’t know about the man from Drumblade in Rotterdam.

Angelico supports the Orlando Pirates

Don’t let his black and gold (neon yellow for those who really pay attention) ring gear fool you.

Angelico is a lifelong pirate but has followed other South African athletes on the international stage.

His love of motorcycles influenced his gear, he was a big fan of the Binder brothers and was inspired by Valentino Rossi.

Angelico has returned to AEW action.Photos: All Elite Wrestling

He has been living in Barcelona

Angelico was born in Gauteng and also lives in the UK and Spain.

He currently spends a lot of time in beautiful Barcelona and flies to the US for dates.

Angelico has his action album

While Chris Jericho has his impressive 1001-hold list, Angelico documents his various moves in still photography.

Unlocking his complex Mexican obedience style wrestling takes some effort.

To avoid getting himself into trouble, Angelico put together a series of photos of all his moves.

His new theme music was developed by Mikey Rukus

Mikey Rukus continues to lash out at AEW fans with some great themes.

Angelico’s new theme is a change of pace, but definitely an atmosphere.

The song features ANT’s vocals and is titled “Voel Die Vibe Vandag”.

Angelico has previously been on South African television

At the very beginning of his career, a young Adam Bridle stepped into the world of WWP Thunderstrike.

He appeared in several episodes under the guise of championship pro wrestling and continues to this day.

You can see Angelico on TNT Africa’s AEW show these days.

DStv channel 137 airs new episodes of Dynamite and Rampage every weekend, available to subscribers anytime.

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