Fiziev Gets Bonus for RDA Finish, Chase Sherman ScoresSports Update 

Fiziev Gets Bonus for RDA Finish, Chase Sherman Scores

Rafael Fiziev, UFC Vegas 58 weighs. Credit: Alex Behunin/CagesidePress.

At UFC Vegas 58 Rafael Fiziev has arrived.

If you haven’t sold a Kazakh lightweight model trained by Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand in advance Finishing the fifth round of former champion Rafael dos Anjos might change your mind. Fiziyev didn’t just finish his first UFC main event. but also get a bonus after the fifth battle in a row

Fiziev received one of two Performance of the Night bonuses awarded at UFC Vegas 58 on Saturday. The second went to Chase. Heavyweight Sherman Which took the victory over Jared Vandera in the third round of their main shredder.

With four losses in the tournament, “The Vanilla Gorilla” is in the hot seat, TKO later and the former BKFC champion earns some money for himself.

Fight of the Night at UFC Vegas 58, while also entering a light war between Michael Johnson and Jamie Mullarkey. This fight was an early favorite to win Fight of the Night and resulted in Mullarkey winning the decision. modular That was the third tribute to Fight of the Night for Johnson. Although it might be a little consolation. because he made the wrong decision Alan later returned in the winning column. Patrick in his last fight

for Mallar Key He received a bonus after his third career fight in the UFC and a victory.

The four fighters will pay an additional $50,000 for their efforts at Apex on Saturday.

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