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Flavio repeats Bolsonaro’s coup. “Legal and political instability” is TSE’s fault.

Photo by Adriano Machado/Cruso

Senator Flavio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) tweeted late in the afternoon, reacting to his father’s coup, after a meeting between the president and ambassadors this Monday (18), which was full of lies about electronic voting machines, attacks on electoral justice. ministers of court.

“All the legal and political instability in Brazil is a result of TSE’s intolerance in improving the distrustful voting system”, said the senator. The Bolsonaros, elected without fail by the electronic voting system, are now arguing about the irreparable flaws in the voting system, in addition to what it would mean for them to lose the election.

The senator, the “zero one” son of the president, again asked to accept the opinion of the military, who have already been invited by the TSE to monitor the elections.

“The moment they accept technical proposals from experts (+ security and transparency) everything will be solved”continued the parliamentarian. The Electoral Court has already heard the military and accepted some of their proposals. However, General Paulo Sergio, who is Bolsonaro’s defense minister, says it is not enough.

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