Flight Attendant Holds Baby While Mom Goes to the Bathroom, and the Empathy Goes Viral

Compassion and kindness. A video of a flight attendant holding the child in her arms so that the mother can go to the bathroom is circulating on social media. She was on the plane with two children and one of them was crying, imagine the situation.

The beautiful gesture took place on an AeroMexico flight that made a domestic route from Mexico City to Ciudad Obrego.

The author of the video was passenger Marco Portillo, who witnessed the scene and described it as a “beautiful act” during the trip. (see below)

compassion and tact

The child’s mother was traveling with another child in addition to the child in her arms, which made it very difficult for her to go to the toilet, because the children would be left without care.

And the flight attendant’s compassion can be seen in the video published by Marko. In it, we see a flight attendant cradling a baby, and she even appears to be singing to the baby. Perfect!

The initiative of the professional shows that flight attendants have a very important role during the flight, not only serving snacks or drinks, but ensuring a comfortable and safe journey for all passengers.

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The gesture took off and went viral

Marco’s post has already been viewed more than 115,000 times and has prompted many comments from people upset by the flight attendant’s attitude. How not to get excited, right?

The author of the post congratulated Aeroméxico for having such wonderful specialists.

One of the netizens commented: “Congratulations to the flight attendant for her compassion and service attitude.”

Another netizen filled the company ball. “This is a culture of service and compassion that the company promotes to all of us, the users of this company, congratulations Aeromexico,” he commented.

The company seems to have a reputation for treating its passengers very well, especially children.

That’s what another netizen said. “I have traveled with my youngest son several times when he was very young and I have always been treated with courtesy not only on the flight but also by the ground staff.”


The flight attendant holding the child during the flight. The gesture is excited. Photo: Reproduction/@mapo_portillo/Twitter.

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