“Flordelis performed satanic rituals and commanded a criminal organization,” says the author of the recently published biography.

Ulisses Campbell wrote the book “A Pastora do Diabo” and says he dismantled “the idea of ​​the super mom of 50”.

Ulysses Campbell’s new book portrays the life of former congresswoman Flordelis

This Tuesday, the 20th, the program Panic took the author Ulysses Campbell🇧🇷 Responsible for the best-selling books, such as the biographies of Elise Matsunaga AND Suzanne Richthofen, Campbell presented her latest work “Flordelis: A Pastora do Diabo.” “Flordelis performed some satanic rituals. I cataloged all the rituals she performed and took them to the biggest specialist we have in Brazil, who said that her rituals flordelis they were fake. When you say ‘shepherd of the devil’ it is good to make it clear that it is an expression, it is metaphorical. The satanic rituals were in impressionism, but it was characters who didn’t talk to each other, she used this to impress. Flordelis preyed on vulnerable people, street children,” he explained.

The journalist compared the crimes of Richthofen and Flordelis and gave details of how the former federal deputy plotted her husband’s death. “The engineering that Flordelis did to kill her husband was much worse than that of Suzane. In the case of Flordelis’ book, the most important thing is that it dismantles the idea that she was a supermom, mother of 50 children. She didn’t have a family of 50 children, she had a criminal organization, all run by Anderson. . Flordelis was an Anderson product. Anderson planned the most important step for her: becoming a federal MP. All an Anderson project. He not only created, but lived this Flordelis product,” he said. “She felt like a powerful woman and decided to separate from her husband. He created the monster and lived the life of the monster. She gave her life in Anderson’s hand. When she wanted her life back, Anderson was living her life, he was considered an MP. Flordelis, if released to Congress, did not even know how to walk. When she decided to get his life back, she had no choice but to exterminate her husband.”

Campbell explains that Flordelis even thought of different methods to kill him. “The home environment she created was harmful and toxic. Anderson discovers he has this plan, discovers it on his cell phone synced with his tablet. He ate the poisoned food and ended up in the emergency room with food poisoning, acute gastritis. One of the girls took the orange juice and felt sick. Things were going bad, so they hired a hit man,” he said. “Flordelis’ modus operandi is very similar to João de Deus. It is like the abusive doctor, the predator takes advantage of the vulnerability and attacks the victims. These people come with a debt of gratitude,” he concluded.

Watch the full interview with Ulisses Campbell:

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