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Following Lula’s announcement, the ANPR says it will insist on a triple list

Photo by Adriano Machado/Cruso

After Lula (PT, photo) said “No more thinking about triple lists” The National Association of Public Prosecutors said in a statement that it will press for the initiative to elect Augusto Aras’ replacement as PGR commander.

We keep insistingwhat the triple list allows for is transparency in selection, which adds to the legitimacy derived from the process itself. ANPR will compile the list, take it to the president and strive for dialogue.said the ANPR post.

The non-binding criterion was applied until the appointment of Augusto Arras by Jair Bolsonaro (LL) in September 2019.

As we showed in the interview yesterday BandNews, the president said h:It has already been proven that the triple list does not always solve the problem.” and what will “Talk to a lot of people” about the topic. Aras’ mandate ends in September of this year.

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