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Fomei Digitalis PRO TX240 – compact external head 240Ws

Fomei presents another lamp from the interesting TX series. This time it is one of the most practical compact outdoor lights on the market. The Digitalis PRO TX240 offers a powerful battery, good power, short recharge time and a system of magnetic accessories.

Press release:

Downloadable Flash Fomei Digitalis Pro TX240 A continuation of the well-respected TX series, you get absolutely wonderful features in a body the size of a soda can. In brief: 240 Ws maximum flash energy, powerful 15 W LED indicator, HSS, built-in radio receiver with full support for two TS-5 and TR-16 triggers, software upgradeability and battery life: 400 flashes at full power. And everything fits in a standard lens case.

With this flash, you can also use the quick-folding ClickBox 60 softbox or magnetic color filters, which makes the use very versatile. Salama has a five-year warranty, which also applies to companies.

Part of a stable system

TX240 can be easily integrated with other FOMEI lamps. It is fully compatible with both TS-5 and classic TR-16 triggers, so it can be used seamlessly with any FOMEI flash or any flash with a sync port via the TR-16DA receiver. The ideal companion is the smaller TX120 flash, with which it is a perfect pair for outdoor portraits and sports photography.

Efficiently used energy

The basis of every flash is, of course, the battery. The TX240 uses the same battery as the smaller version of the TX120, but the battery lasts for 400 flashes on a single charge at full power. One charge only takes about two hours. The charging speed of the capacitors is also high and varies from 0.05 to 1.4 s depending on the flash energy setting regardless of the battery charge.

Handy magnetic accessories

If you’re looking for a really versatile set, you should consider the quick-folding Clickbox 60. Together with the flash, you get a versatile partner that is particularly suitable for outdoor and indoor portrait photography. It is worth mentioning that all accessories fit both TX120 and TX240 models.

As an accessory, you can use a reflector with a magnetic attachment, which, thanks to its shiny surfaces, directs the light and increases its intensity. It is perfect for working with an umbrella or for softening the light with reflection. The reflector is very easy to use and just needs to be attached to the front of the flash.

The diffusion cap with magnetic attachment is a convenient solution for anyone who wants to shine evenly from a wider angle. You can illuminate not only the object you shine on, but also the area around it. Just attach the diffusion cap to the front of the flash and it attaches itself thanks to the magnets.

Another way to make your work more pleasant and add a new effect to your photos is a series of magnetic color and diffusion filters. They can be used directly in the flash without an additional adapter. In addition to color effects, you can use a cellular filter or the empty frame of gel filters to direct the light, or use them together with the Click Box 60 cm.

For very intensive use of the TX240, you can buy a small spare battery that is enough to make about 400 flashes at full power. Backup charger of course for this battery is also available as an accessory.

Price and availability

You can buy the Fomei Digitalis PRO TX240 lamp for the price PLN 3,328.

On the website you can find accessories such as stands, filters, adapters and a suitable transmitter for controlling and triggering the lamp.

More information can be found at

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