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Forget about milk escaping from the pot. Just add this inconspicuous thing

Didn’t you save the milk pot again? It cooked on the stove and now you have a lot of cleaning to do. Try our patent and you’ll never have to deal with it again.

Do you use milk almost every day for dishes and desserts? Porridge in the morning, coffee in the afternoon or pancakes for dessert – we usually add hot milk straight from the pot. Have you ever had boiling milk mess up your stove and burners? The tedious cleaning is endless, and the stench of a burnt pot can be unbearable. In both of these cases, we have a great patent that will save the whole situation. Be sure to check out the following tips and you will surely have a calmer head.

A simple method that our grandmothers already knew, you can use in your kitchen. A little a pinch of salt added to milk before cooking it will prevent the skin from rising to the top. The trick with a wooden spoon may fail, so we recommend throwing in a small amount of this spice. It does not change the taste of the milk and additionally prevents another problem.

If the milk is boiled and you have burnt the bottom of the potYou usually pour them down the sink. Just pour them into a new pot and cook with a pinch of salt. It will neutralize the smell of previous burning, and you will not lose a valuable product of cakes or pancakes. Salt is also an excellent preservative that increases the value of milk. It is worth to season it with this spice from a country cow, not yet cooked, so that it does not spoil too quickly.

Salt added to regular or lactose-free milk his sweetness wins. Use this trick in desserts and you will be able to reduce the amount of added sugar or honey. This spice works the same way with chocolate, it adds more flavor and natural sweetness. It is better to choose unrefined Klodava salt, which is rich in minerals and vitamins.

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