Forsythia, or spring outside the window. How to grow forsythia and how to care for these bushes? Flowering shrubs easy to grow

Forsythia are one of the symbols of early spring. These bushes are showered with yellow flowers already in March-April. Since they bloom before leafing, they look even more spectacular. Forsythia can be planted as a hedge or individually as decorative shrubs – solitaires. They also look beautiful in combination with other shrubs that bloom early, such as gray meadow or almond. A big advantage of forsythia is that they have low requirements and are easy to grow. However, in order for them to bloom beautifully, it is necessary to take care of several things. We advise you how to grow forsythia.


There are eight types of forsythia in the world, but only one is accepted in Southeast Europe, and the others grow naturally in Asia. In Polish gardens, forsythia of the “Goldzauber” variety is the most popular, which is a bush of medium growth, but widely branched, it can grow up to two or three meters.

Forsythia is one of the earliest flowering shrubs, which rains tiny flowers even before the leaves open. Forsythia is a very decorative shrub that blooms in early spring (in March and April). This plant is recommended for beginner gardeners because it is easy to grow.

The forsythia bush is resistant to frostalthough harsh winters can damage the plant. However, they usually regenerate well in the spring. Forsythia do not like droughtTherefore, do not plant sod and grass around the bush, as it will take away moisture from them. However, the soil around the forsythia should be mulched.

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